Price list – subscription

We charge a fixed monthly subscription fee for access to the © TroutFarm application.​ The fee is charged in arrears after the end of the full calendar month of using the system. 

Everyone who joins the ©TroutFarm system is entitled to a 30-day free trial period. We do not require any declaration as to the duration of the contract. You can stop using the application without any obligations at any time.





Access (SaaS type) to the © TroutFarm application

A separate subdomain in the domain with a separate database

Full administrative rights with the allocation of access rights

An encrypted connection between the client and the application

Scalable, mobile www system for access from many hardware platforms

An external database server on the supplier’s side ensuring security, confidentiality and system continuity

Free monthly test period

Choose the right plan for you

Free of charge for first month!

Convenient and flexible subscription-based billing system including no binding agreement. 

Resale variant

  • domain and system database on the buyer’s server side,
  • 2 year period of free updates related to software development,
  • the possibility to personalize the application (only within its existing architecture),
  • ensuring business continuity and system security on the server owner’s side,
  • up to 5 objects in a group,
  • perpetual rights to own the system and work in the system without the right to disclose, resale to third parties,
  • agreement specifying the terms of resale of the system